Let your life be Round!

We love pizzas with a crispy base, that do not fall and with the perfect combination and balance between the different ingredients & of course… an extraordinary cheese.

We know that you haven’t enough free time and that when you are hungry, the ideas can be not very clear. It happens to me. I can even get in a bad mood.

That’s why at Pizza Stick, we know that our pizzas are your solution. Who does not like pizza? It is the perfect answer to: ‘I don’t know what to cook today’, when you have guests at home or when you want to be in a movie and a blanket or simply because you want to celebrate something beautiful with your family or friends.

Our well-seasoned round pizzas will taste great in any situation, you will not be hungry anymore and they are perfect to share and celebrate, because our pizza unites.

And do you want something else? They are made by a passionate team that makes everything work better.

What else can we ask for?

“I make pizzas because it allows me to give a little bit of me: brightening people’s day, and creating round & special moments that can be shared with the most important people in your daily life”
– Andrea Di Bella

I don’t make pizzas by chance.
It comes from my family.

Thanks to a Genealogy course, I realized ‘Why I am dedicated to the world of pizzas’.

My family history, (an Italian-Spanish-Argentine mix) is linked to the restoration and thanks to my grandfather, who was my favorite person in this world, pizza ‘Maestro’ and ice cream maker, he made us the best pizzas. He cooked for the whole family (we were a battalion) and he always did it singing and transmitting us his passion.

His best gift: he gave everything in each dish and thanks to him I associate pizza with sharing and creating happy moments.

That’s what we want in Pizza Stick: that you get a little bit of our passion and fun for pizzas.

With this purpose I show you our manifesto, it is our declaration of intentions and our guide to have a round life.


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We are David Garcia and Andrea Di Bella.

Together we work so that our company is the best version of ourselves. With the best ingredients, and betting on our human team.

Not anything is ok for us, we take care of our people and we work under a very clear slogan: if we have a motivated team, our pizzas will come out even better. And this is our main ingredient: our tremendous team, without them, the “#working-happy mode” and everything we propose each year would be unimaginable.

So: not only the product is important to us, but how we do it.

When you enjoy our product, you aren’t just eating a pizza, you are giving the opportunity to someone who enjoys their work,to be happy and we believe that he makes a better world.

And all this makes our pizza even more tasty, don’t you think?


Adapting to the situation, for now we offer:

  • 🕚 DINNERS Takeaway until 10 pm and until 11 pm  delivery service.
  • Puigcerdà, Escadarcs (Alp), Bellver de Cerdanya and Llívia.
  • We will keep you informed, you can follow us on Instagram @pizzeriapizzastick.